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Hi, I'm Derik. I study physics and math at Brown University, and I graduated Lexington High School in the class of 2018.

Traditional learning has become more fractured during the pandemic, with reduced in-person learning. It is difficult to stay engaged in an online classroom, something I know from experience. One-on-one tutoring can help keep students motivated and learning on track. Tutoring may clarify concepts from class, or prepare students for science competitions or standardized tests.

What I teach

I tutor physics and math through the introductory college level, and chemistry, biology, astronomy, and economics through the advanced high school (AP+) level. I have experience teaching students from 4th grade through senior year of high school.

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Competition Prep

I greatly enjoyed taking part in competitions like science bowl and the physics, math, and chemistry olympiads. I can offer strategies to help you succeed and recommend resources to use, as well as guiding your problem solving.


Science Enrichment

If you’re like me, you have an interest in science that just isn’t satisfied by what’s taught in school. Having a tutor gives you personalized attention, so you can explore topics that appeal to you, and follow your curiosity wherever it leads. I enjoy explaining scientific concepts and getting students excited about learning.



In the classroom, sometimes concepts are presented in a way that is unclear, or explained only superficially. Working with a tutor allows you to clarify material until you feel confident in your understanding.


SAT/AP prep


I scored an 800 on the math section of the SAT, and a 780 on the verbal section. I also scored 800's on the physics, chemistry, biology, and math 2 subject tests.

I scored 5's on all the AP exams I took (calculus BC, chemistry, biology, computer science, and micro/macroeconomics).

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