Hi. I'm


I'm a twenty year old who loves learning about the universe.

Currently, I'm studying physics and computer science at Brown University. Before that, I went to Lexington High School in my hometown of Lexington, MA.

I'm always down to meet new people and go on adventures, so don't hesitate to say hi. Email (me at derik.su).



A startup I co-founded with Andrew to simplify the web presences of Lexington businesses and organizations.


A hub for young science learners in Lexington, complete with a wiki and summer program.


A description of the thing that I am working on.

Here's another thing that I'm working on.

A description of the thing that I am working on.

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Things I enjoy

I enjoy a variety of cuisines, including iced green tea and lemon-caper sweet tea. Food is a form of expression, and ought to be treated like one.

I try to make every meal from scratch with local ingredients wherever possible. I try to learn a new dish every time I go out. I also like trying out new style pizzas with either bacon, or chicken.

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